Frequently asked questions


When am I supposed to visit a psychologist?

People go to psychologists with various requests. Some of them are clear, such as “what am i supposed to do with my child’s substance abuse?” and others are more vague, such as “it has been some time now that I don’t feel very lively”. Others wanna be guided through a difficult decision or situation and others just wanna learn more about themselves.

There are definitely many and different motives for people to visit a psychologist’s office. Almost as many as the persons receiving treatment.

How am I going to find the appropriate specialist for me?

There are several criteria for the choice of the appropriate therapist. Some are objective and others are subjective. It is important, for example, the specialist to have a university diploma and to hold a certificate of professional competence.

The term psychotherapist in Greece is quite vague and it requires some training, sometimes it takes just a few months. There usually must be a main university qualification and a supplementary one. Some experts may also be specialised in some fields. But there are also subjective criteria. The chemistry between the two sides is the most important one.

How many sessions will be needed?

This is a difficult question to be answered. I usually say to the people I treat that this is a cooperative procedure and the answer is definitely not ;only up to me. Some people take their time to commit to therapy, while others have done the internal negotiation even before our meeting.

Systemic psychotherapy is medium -in terms of time- therapy. It is not as long as psychoanalysis, but it also doesn’t have the protocols that behavioral therapy has. I usually highlight to people that there no magic – express solutions and it is essential that people take their time to get to know better themselves.

The therapeutic framework

I usually suggest to people to meet once a week, in order to maintain a helpful “flow” in the process. If there are practical difficulties of any kind, we can negotiate a bit on that. The sessions last about an hour.


Psychologist Psychotherapist

Evi Messaritaki maintains a private psychologist’s office in Paleo Faliro, Athens. She holds a degree in psychology from the Kapodistrian University of Athens and a license to practice psychology.

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