Evi Messaritaki

Psychologist's Curriculum Vitae

Evi Messaritaki was born in Athens and studied psychology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She holds a certificate of professional competence. She applies systemic-existential psychotherapy methods.

She is trained in diagnosis and therapy of Psychosexual Disorders at E.Π.Ι.Ψ.Υ, Research University Institute of Psychological Health.

She has worked in several structures concerning the treatment of substance abusers and their families.

She has attempted several seminars and conferences, such as a yearly seminar on learning difficulties, a yearly seminar on clinical psychopathology, adolescents’ psychopathology etc. She is trained in the basic principles of dramatherapy and playtherapy.

At the “Nifalioi NGO” where she worked, she was also a member of the general meeting, she organised the first helpline for alcoholics and their families in Greece and she took place in the creation of the national action plan for dealing with alcohol. She has organised and participated in several speeches and acts of prevention in schools, camps, factories, military camps etc.

Her articles have been published in scientific magazines, the press and the internet.

She believes in the value of constant training and she follows the development of psychology, enriching her CV. She collaborates with a supervisor and she has created a network of experts for whenever necessary, such as a psychiatrist, a child psychiatrist and a special educator.