The cost of psychotherapy

The cost of psychotherapy

The cost of therapy is a delicate but important matter. It is a part of the therapeutic framework and it is important to be dealt with from the first session with honesty and transparency. If the person in therapy thinks that cannot bear the cost, he/she should discuss it in the open with the therapist and together they can find alternative solutions.

On the other side, the therapist’s reward can also become a matter of therapy. It there is a notable delay, for example, that has no other explanation, it could be a matter of resistance in therapy. Additionally, the reward confirms that, apart from a human relationship, there is also a professional dimension in it. This may bring out several feelings that may also be useful in the therapeutic process, but it also “protects” both sides in several ways.

After all these years of studying and working, I ‘d like to believe that psychotherapy is more than value for money. I have seen people doing magic with their lives and this is priceless. I always remember this young student I had done an adjustment on my reward for. “I wish I made more money, Evi, so I could pay you more.” Is there a more generous comment than that?


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