& Expats based in athens

Psychotherapy for English Speaking Patients

Individual Psychotherapy for english speaking patients & expats living in Athens.

Individual Psychotherapy: Individual therapy is a joint process between a therapist and a person in therapy. They both cooperate in order to understand, process and “solve” the matters that brought the person in therapy in the psychologist’s office. People usually want to work on anxiety, phobias, illnesses, separations, anxiety attacks, mourning or whatever stands as an obstacle to their well-being. Therapy also increases positive feelings such as compassion, self-appreciation and self-esteem. In general, the long-term goal of therapy is the person’s self growth. Individual therapy can be either short-term or long-term, depending on the person’s “therapeutic requests” and needs. The framework is usually set by both sides, the therapist and the person in therapy.
Each session takes about an hour.

Family Psychotherapy for english speaking patients & expats living in Athens.

Family Psychotherapy: Family therapy deals with family pain and wounds. It focuses on understanding how a family works and why it works that way, in order to make the needed changes that lead to bigger satisfaction for the family members. Each family is a system, which means that the behavior of each member effects the others and the family atmosphere, which, in turn, affects the family members. An important goal of family therapy is to decode and understand this vicious circle, in order to alter it for the benefit of the family. The presence of the whole family is required for a family session and it takes about 1-1,5 hour.

Group Psychotherapy for english speaking patients & expats living in Athens.

Group Psychotherapy: Group therapy helps the person in many ways. It can be a rich and multidimensional experience. Apart from the personal insight and self-growth, it also helps the person gain insight into how his/her role in the group may affect its functionality. Systemic group therapy can also help to shed some light on how a family or community plays a role in the person’s own recovery and psychological health.
Usually someone attends group therapy after completing a -bigger or smaller circle of individual therapy. The sessions last about 120 minutes and they take place on a weekly basis.

Online Psychotherapy for english speaking patients & expats living in Greece.

Online Psychotherapy: While traditional face to face psychotherapy is often considered preferable, there are many reasons why online psychotherapy may be suitable to some people’s needs. The most common reason is that there may not be nearby a therapist speaking the person’s preferred language. Online therapy may be invaluable for people who are disabled or housebound. I usually examine a person’s motives for preferring online sessions. If someone is living in Athens, for example, there is no reason for not coming for face to face sessions. In this case, convenience is not a good enough argument.
Is online therapy as qualitative as face to face therapy? The therapeutic atmosphere that is created during a session is usually very important for a person’s feelings and development. There are many times that I have felt that a similar atmosphere is created in online sessions though.